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Pray about EVERYTHING! God will listen..

Each morning a Grandmother would kneel beside her bed and call on the Lord and pray for her five-year old granddaughter. Little did the Grandmother know that her granddaughter would silently stand outside the room and listen to her pray. One morning, the granddaughter attempted to fix her own breakfast and accidently spilled the milk and cereal on the floor. The Grandmother rushed in the kitchen and told her to go to her room! The granddaughter attempted to explain that she was trying to be a big girl by fixing her own breakfast. But the Grandmother was too mad to listen. With much dismay and confusion, the granddaughter went to her room. After cleaning up the mess on the floor, the Grandmother went to her granddaughter’s room. She expected to find her in the bed crying. But instead, she found her on her knees praying; "Dear Lord Jesus, I made a mess in the kitchen, but I was only trying to be a big girl and help my grandma. Lord God, please can you help my Grandma understand that I didn't mean to make a mess? Dear Jesus, I know she talk to you all the time and she will listen to You, but she won't listen to me... Amen"

WOW....can you imagine how that Grandmother felt when she heard her granddaughter's prayer! Let's learn to pray about EVERYTHING! God will listen.

Written by: Sandra Kelley: 8/15/2020

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