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Oh, Give Thanks unto the Lord, for His mercy endures FOREVER! Psalm 136

Sometimes, we forget who to give our thanks to. But when you read Psalm 136, we are reminded not only of Who to give thanks to, but it reminds us of why He deserves our praise. Please, take time to read Psalm 136. I pray that you will be blessed.

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Lessons for Your Faith Journey...

As you travel down the path of your faith journey you will need encouragement to guide you along the way. Select the audio file and get your daily dose of encouragement.

A Godly Perspective on Friendship
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Walking In Victory before the Battle
00:00 / 23:28
Jesus Christ is BornSis. Sandra Kelley
00:00 / 15:19
Oh Give Thanks Unto the LordArtist Name
00:00 / 14:37
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